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Staring at a screen? Thinking hard? Lacking insights? Struggling to generate ideas?


It’s a familiar story in a world where work demands us to deliver more, with less. And you’re probably working on a business challenge right now. Successful problem solving, strategic thinking, insight discovery and idea generation needs structure. But so many people in business (who should know better) approach the design and delivery of creative projects both big and small in a linear, dull and predictable fashion. This is NOT the way.

“Genius out of the box thinking. A must read for everyone in the Business of creativity and innovation.”


Alexander Schipke, Director Marketing Culture & Capabilities Europe Anheuser-Busch InBev


“This is a remarkable toolset that will equip anyone with the confidence to explore new territory in order to conjure up previously inaccessible ideas. I will be returning to it again and again! ”


Imogen Bhogal, Presenter & Producer, Fully Charged Show


"This book tackles a crucial dilemma that so many organizations overlook when seeking greater creative and innovation: facilitation. It’s a clear and valuable toolkit for running ideation sessions."


David Burkus, Author of Best Team Ever.

“A compelling and inspiring read; designed to support groups to get more creative and collaborative to deliver tangible business results. It’s full of pragmatic ideas and solutions that will help you to create a positive momentum in your organisation; driving transformational change in fun and engaging ways.”



Karen Pflug, CSO Ingka Group/IKEA

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